My Journey into the World of Personal Development

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I stumbled into personal development completely my accident.  I had treated my mother to a day at a health spa for a pampering mother’s day treat.   While we were there I thought I might as well take full advantage of the wonderfully relaxing treatments myself.

So there I was, lying on a massage table, being attended to by the most gorgeous young man.  Much to the disappointment of many of his clients, it was his last weekend at the spa. He was off to America to train in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  As he started to enthuse about it, I began to understand why he was so fascinated.

A Fascination for Hypnosis

Co-incidentally, I had long been interested in hypnosis.  When I was a teenager, Paul McKenna was on the TV on Saturday nights doing stage hypnosis.  My friend Jane and I thought it was great so we got a book on hypnosis out of the library and practiced hypnotizing each other.  We would read the script in the book to each other, but never really had any success, as by the time we got to the part about relaxing our buttocks, we were usually in hysterical laughter.  None the less I found it fascinating.

Time to learn more

So when I stumbled upon the chance to do and NLP practitioner course, certificate in personal coaching and a diploma in hypnotherapy at the same time I jumped at it.

It was hard work.  10 weekends over the course of a year, plus lots of extra study and assignments for the diploma.  But it was completely absorbing and I was literally entranced.

I also loved hanging out with a completely diverse group of people from all walks of life, from librarians to sportswomen to record producers. They all had the same fascination with learning more about people and how to use that knowledge to help both themselves others.

And Now?

Many years later I’m now a teaching assistant on advanced NLP courses. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the UK’s most respected coaches and trainers. I’ve been practicing professionally since 2008 as an NLP coach and Hypnotherapist specializing in anxiety and weight loss. I have learned not to mention NLP when I tell people what I do, as most people still look completely bemused when I mention it.

So how has life changed as a result of this Personal Development Journey?

For me, principally it’s meant a new career.  I enjoyed my old life in IT, but sometimes it’s nice to talk to real people instead of a computer.  And it’s incredibly rewarding to get enthusiastic feedback from the people I’ve helped.

I also find it very motivating.  Knowing that I can achieve my goals.  All I need to do is find some-one who’s done it before and there is a model for me to be able to achieve everything I might want to to do.

I know pay much greater attention to other people. What they say, how they say it.  People are very literal in their choice of words.  They will tell you what they really want, but you may only notice if you’re really paying attention.

If I had my time again I’d definitely do it all again. I’ve loved the learning process. The insight into how the mind works and the skills and knowledge which I use to my advantage every day.  But most of all I’ve enjoyed the company of everyone I’ve had the pleasure of sharing this journey with.


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